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FAQ - frequently asked questions

Dress code Towel or lingerie or boxer shorts / T-shirt or underwear
What is included in the entry price? All drinks, food, sauna, towels, slippers, condoms
Do I have to pay extra for women? We are a swingers club! Women who ask for money are banned from eating out!
 Do you have to bring condoms? No! Condoms are included in the entrance fee.
 What is possible with women? Everything that is possible must be agreed with the respective woman. A "NO" is always to be respected!
What about bisexual guests? Are always present. Just ask or it will happen
How easily do I get into sex? Sympathy counts. Talking brings people together!
What is a GangBang?  Takes place every Wednesday with a woman. You can find dates for super gang bangs on the "Events" page
 What is speed dating?  Predominantly solo women and men want to get to know each other better.
 Hygiene? Is the top priority. Always take a long shower before and after